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NextDoor House Watch Program From Sunspot Resorts

(News Item #0203, Published: 04/01/10, Author: Ronald Wallace Lee, SunspotVacationRentals.com)

A second home is a prized personal asset. A place for family and friends to get away, rest and relax. But having to worry about the place takes the fun out of it. Traipsing there for minor maintenance is disruptive and time consuming.

Sunspot Vacation Rentals (SunspotResorts.com) with offices in the Northwest United States and Hawaii, has announced the formulation of a new house watch service called "NextDoor."

"We offer this service to relieve anxiety, provide quick response, and to keep homes in good condition. Owners don't have to lift a finger." Says Jim Hough, the Camano Island, Whidbey and Mount Vernon Sunspots Partner.

"We handle vacation rentals, housekeeping & maintenance for many owners; all of whom want a reliable onsite manager to keep an eye on their places when they are gone." Hough continues, "For those who don't rent, our NextDoor home watch program provides the same level of care and concern for their homes."

NextDoor service starts with a walk around the grounds, looking at windows, doors, roof and gutters. Then comes a thorough inspection of all rooms and testing of electrical, water, heating and air conditioning, hot tubs."

"We even pickup and store or forward mail for the owner," mentions Deresa Norman, operations manager for the Leavenworth Washington Sunspots office, "And we act as local contact for any alarm notices; on-call 24/7. We report issues or problems to owners right away, and can assign maintenance or cleaning personnel."

Jeff Reiner, owner of a cabin neat the village of Plain Washington, discovered the service and can't wait to get started, "I live three hours away and its too much work to run over there to take care of things. I was delighted to find these folks so willing to help."

There are three NextDoor Services Options. Inspections can be done weekly or on-call. Or Owners may use the Pre-Arrival service to have their home checked, warmed up and ready for their arrival. Sunspots personnel are always available for other assistance at homes, at the owner's request.

"Owners get notified if there is an issue. If I don't hear from them then I can rest easy knowing my home is in good hands," Added Reiner. "The cost is affordable and I got a discount for signing up for a full year."

"We are your eyes and ears in the neighborhood; to be diligent and act in your best interest," Said Hough, "No one can guarantee your home will be hassle free or secure at all times. But we will work to oversee your home; treating it as if it were our own."

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Sunspots: Started in 1999, the company manages hundreds of vacation rental and second homes in the Northwest United States and Hawaii. It operates in conjunction with partners in a dozen communities, coordinating services with central reservation offices in Seattle, Washington. For more information contact William May at 888-628-8989.